Why Fortnite Has Taken Over the Battle Royale Genre

“Is it because it is free? Or is it because it simply appeals to a larger audience and is simple to understand? Or maybe because it’s easily accessible to gamers. The price point certainly does play a role, but the game’s design and simple to understand mechanics are what keeps players coming back. Then there’s the other side of the totem pole, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. I have played quite a bit of PUBG as well, but the game never quite resonated with me like how Fortnite does. There are certainly players out there who don’t share the same feelings as me, and that’s fine, but even they can’t deny what a juggernaut Fortnite has become over the past couple of months. Here’s why I think Fornite is taking over the battle royale genre.” — PC Gaming Enthusiast

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