We calculated how many cows HP will murder to make its new leather laptop

We have a lot of questions about HP’s lovely new leather-bound laptop, the Spectre Folio. Will it have that gorgeous leather smell? Will it age like a fine book? Just how sticky will it get?

But, most importantly of all, how many cows are going to utter their ultimate moo before being murdered and turned into HP Spectre Folios?

We’re here to find out.

The journey begins

The first port of call was trying to get some information from HP itself. I was hoping I’d get a straight answer when I asked:

  • How much leather is there on each computer?

Unfortunately, my cunning approach didn’t exactly, you know, work. The answer I received?

  • “We can’t disclose the exact number/measurements of leather, but may be able to give you a percentage.”

A percentage isn’t going to cut it. I need to know the precise(-ish) number of cows that are going to die, dammit. This means we need maths. First stop, we need to find out…

The size of the laptop

Thankfully, I found them on HP’s Spectre Folio tech specs page.