The “Ellie” Effect is a Massive Setback for Female Gamers

rainslacker9m ago

It’s not a setback because some idiots decided to try and troll the community to try and prove a point. It just set the team back, because it’s hard to respect someone, or a group who’s ideals are so skewed, and ideas are so myopic.

Female gamers are still welcome in the gaming community, and I know of nothing that prevents them to join a comparative team.

What these people tried to present highlighted more that this notion of harassment of female gamers is overplayed, and over inflated, and most of the claims hold no merit. The same thing many gamers said back during gamergate. That should make female gamers be more skeptical of things which may keep them away from gaming, but ultimately, a female gamer interested in gaming shouldn’t care what others say it think….same as their male counterparts.

So on behalf of the gaming community, I welcome anyone, male or female to join is and have fun

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