Spectacular nature photos of 2018

Earth is teeming with otherworldly creatures. But they often live in distant lands, far from our cities, roads, and homes.

Photographers and scientists, traveling to rugged, windswept islands and into the dense rainforest, make this life visible — sometimes by using motion-detecting cameras.

The British Ecological Society released the top images of its 2018 photography competition, entitled “Capturing Ecology.” One of the overall winners, bat researcher Adrià López Baucells, employed a motion sensing camera with synchronized flashes to photograph an airborne Amazonian bat sneaking up on a frog in the dark of night.

In another image, a photographer captured a snake, furtively awaiting prey as it lies camouflaged in the sand, while another shot shows a fox leaping into the air as the predator hunts lemmings in the Canadian Arctic.

There’s much wild action to see, frozen in some of the finest natural photography of the year.

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