Ram and Jeep lead the way for FCA in November

Jeep sales gained 12 percent during November. Photo credit: DAVID PHILLIPS

U.S. sales for FCA US rose 17 percent in November to 181,310 vehicles, a gain largely driven by fleet transactions.

Retail sales alone rose 5.5 percent to 136,704 vehicles, which FCA says is the highest November retail tally since delivering 155,706 vehicles 2001.

FCA’s 44,606 fleet units accounted for 25 percent of its volume last month. Around 20 percent is the industry average, and some analysts believe 15 percent is ideal.

FCA was spurred by record results from Jeep and Ram. The Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee and Compass as well as the Ram 1500 all recorded November bests. The Chrysler and Fiat brands each fell more than 20 percent, while Alfa Romeo and Dodge delivered gains last month.

Brands: Alfa Romeo up 36%; Chrysler down 21%; Dodge up 15%; Fiat down 24 percent; Jeep up 12%; Ram up 44%

Notable nameplates: Jeep Cherokee up 23%; Ram 1500 up 59%; Dodge Challenger up 30%

Incentives: $4,379, a rise of 3.6% from a year earlier, ALG says



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