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well Played:

When Overkill’s The Walking Dead was first announced over four years ago the game went straight onto my most anticipated list, mostly because I was still an avid Payday 2 player at the time. But then Overkill and 505 Games flipped the bird to console players of Payday 2 and decided to sell the game back to players whenever they could be arsed putting out an update, and all the while the PC community were getting constant updates and new content – both free and paid. Couple that with the disaster that was RAID: World War II, the multitude of delays for Overkill’s TWD (OKTWD) and the fact that after four years of development they couldn’t simultaneously release the PC and console versions, my excitement for the game had all but evaporated and I was left with a bitter realisation that it was likely going to be more of the same. Sadly, while OKTWD has some improvements and there is some fun to be had, the game is bogged down by laborious mission design and poor game design in general, meaning yes, it’s just more of the same frustrating fun.

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