Luigi’s Mansion (3DS) Review | SuperPhillip Central

Phil writes, “Luigi’s Mansion on the 3DS is by no means a game I regret purchasing, but at the same time, I would have rather seen it as an appetizer for Switch owners to play as we get ready for Luigi’s Mansion 3. Not because I’m starving for games on the Switch, but just because Nintendo’s hybrid has more options with regards to controls. I’m certain I wouldn’t have had anywhere near as much of a headache with Luigi’s Mansion on the Switch compared to the 3DS. Regardless, I should be talking about what is and not what should have been. Luigi’s Mansion’s remake downgrades more than it improves, but the base game is still a solid one. By virtue on being on the Nintendo 3DS, though, Luigi’s Mansion’s remake never stood a ghost of a chance of being truly fantastic.”

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