Lexus LC Convertible Concept Drops its Top Ahead of Detroit

When we first sampled it, the Lexus LC coupe impressed us with its bold exterior design, unique and luxurious interior, and surprising fun-to-drive factor. Now, it looks like Lexus will soon offer that winning blend in a drop-top version, as the brand just revealed the Lexus LC Convertible concept ahead of its Detroit auto show debut.

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Though Lexus calls it a concept, this open-air grand tourer looks like it could go into production tomorrow. There are no real surprises in its design or show car flourishes that need to be toned down for production, except maybe the unnoticeably oversized 22-inch wheels. The concept looks exactly like what you’d expect from a roofless LC coupe—which is to say it looks pretty darn good. Then again, most convertibles look their sexiest with the top down, and we don’t get to see the LC convertible with its top in place. That piece, which is crucial to a convertible’s silhouette, remains stowed beneath the LC’s reshaped rear decklid.

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The interior looks just as striking and classy as it does in the coupe, though there’s obviously no Alcantara headliner here. The seats and door panels are upholstered in white leather, and the black dash is accented with yellow contrast stitching. Again, things don’t look too different from the LC coupe’s cabin, but one big difference is that the driver of this car can enjoy a plush interior and having the wind in their hair. That is, of course, if Lexus decides to produce it.

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But a production LC convertible is looking like a very strong possibility, as Lexus hints in the press release. Not only does its chief designer, Tadao Mori, say that “a production version of this concept would be exhilarating in many different ways,” but the very first bullet point in the release says the convertible “suggests [the] future direction of the LC flagship.” We’d say that means get your sunglasses and extra-hold hair gel ready.

Source: Lexus

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