Honda’s small gain in August driven by crossovers, pickups, Acura

Honda Pilot sales jumped 60 percent to 15,332 units and are on a record pace for the year. Pictured is the 2019 Pilot.

Crossovers and the Ridgeline pickup came to the rescue at American Honda in August. Despite slumping car sales, the Honda and Acura brands registered a combined 1.3 percent sales bump in August, with 147,903 units sold.

Freshened versions of the Accord and Civic sputtered last month, keeping with the industry trend that is seeing cars faltering and light trucks continuing to gobble up market share.

Brands: Honda division sold 71,982 light trucks, including the Ridgeline pickup, a 17 percent gain over August 2017. Ridgeline deliveries gained 7 percent to 2,792. The revamped versions of the Accord and Civic were handily outsold by the CR-V crossover and didn’t prevent a skid in car sales, which totaled 60,849 in August, down 15 percent compared with a year ago.

It was a tough month for Acura’s cars — down 23 percent to 3,027 units of all four nameplates were sold. But strong sales of the redesigned RDX and the MDX crossovers propelled Acura to total monthly sales of 15,072, up 15 percent from last year, but still down 0.2 percent for the year to date.

Notable nameplates: The Clarity plug-in hybrid, Insight and Accord Hybrid notched sales of 5,000 units for the second straight month. Pilot sales jumped 60 percent to 15,332 units and are on a record pace for the year.

Incentives: ALG is estimating American Honda’s incentive spending $2,064 per unit, up 6.7 percent from July’s $1,935 and up 4.7 percent year over year. Incentive spending as a percentage of the transaction price increased to 7.3 percent in August from 6.9 percent in July.

Average transaction price: $28,457, up 1.3 percent over July and up 4.9 percent year over year.

Did you know? Honda says supply constraints on certain models restrained car sales in August.

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