Diablo Creator Reacts To Diablo: Immortal Outrage – “Give Mobile A Chance”

Spurg1h ago

Gamers do not game on mobile.
It’s inconvenient, restrictive and looks absolutely horrible. Gaming on mobile is like regressing everything gaming has achieved over the past couple of decades. Mobile isn’t like the the Ds, psp or switch where the experience is akin to a console game with fully fledged stories, good controls and paced for a great on the go experience. Instead it’s short 5 mins experience which is catered for people short attention spans and people who don’t want to invest time onto an actual video games.
The way mobile games are design is the biggest gripe for me, it’s free to play nature always has a catch, which is to pay to win. And also mobile gaming doesn’t have one thing that makes video games really resonated which real gamers and that’s single player.
Mobile gaming is a parasite and it’s ideas and monopoly concepts inched it’s way onto the console market and has crippled the mindset of publishers.
I refuse to support mobile gaming and refuse to give it a moment of my time.

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